Road to America

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Thomas and Sara Moulton joined the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (Mormons) in 1841 in Northhampton England.

In 1856, Sarah Moulton surprised Thomas by telling him she had been secretly stashing money in a fruit jar for fifteen years; she had enough money to pay costs for a move to America for the extended family.  Boarding the Ship the Thornton on May 3, of 1856, The Moulton family had been assigned to the Willey Company.

Just 3 days into the trip, Sara Moulton would give birth to Charles Alma Moulton.  The trip across from England to the Salt Lake Valley would be one of the most harrowing and tragic migrations in American history.  Read more about the Willey Handcart Company here.

Charles would survive the trek west in a handcart and grow to ranch in Eastern Idaho.  There he and his wife, Rhoda would raise a large family.  Three of those sons would Homestead in Jackson Hole, Wyoming on Mormon Row.